Josh Johnston

Solo Albums

The Art Of Saving Lives

1. Winged Revolution  (Josh johnston, Stephen McArdle, Doug Kinch & Anna Johnston)
2. Rain
(Josh Johnston & Doug Kinch)
3. Scattered
(Josh Johnston)
4. Moon Landing
(Doug Kinch & Josh Johnston)
5. Completely
(Stephen McArdle & Josh Johnston)
6. A Light In The Dark Of Night – only available on CD version
(Josh Johnston)
7. Missed Her On The Road
(Josh Johnston & Eoin O’Brien)
8. Story Of Us
(Josh Johnston & Eoin O’Brien)
9. Midsummer With Anja
(Doug Kinch & Josh Johnston)
10. Lines
(Stephen McArdle & Josh Johnston)
11. The Allnighter
(Josh Johnston, Doug Kinch & Eoin O’Brien)

Produced by Josh Johnston
Engineered by Eoin O’Brien, Michael Manning & Anthony Gibney
Mixed by Michael Manning
Mastered by David Montuy

Josh Johnston – Vocal, Piano, Wurlitzer Piano, Synth & Pipe Organ
Eoin O’Brien – Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Baking Vocal, Synth, Percussion
Martin Gruet – Bass
Cormac Dunne – Drums & Percussion
Carol Keogh – Vocal
Adam Fleming & Paddy Groenland – Electric & Acoustic Guitar
Tom Portman – Dobro, Pedal Steel & Electric Guitar
Aisling Bridgeman – Violin
Rory Pierce – Cello
Marco Francescangeli – Tenor and Soprano Saxophone
Bill Blacvkmore – Trumpet & Flugelhorn

Josh’s first song-based collection in 10 years, The Art Of Saving Lives is comprised of 11 songs of love and life written or co-written by Josh. The band has been drawn from a long list of collaborators over the last twenty years making a full-sounding, passionate album that bursts with life.

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Radio / YouTube Singles from the album

Rain – September 2018
Completely – June 2018
Lines – April 2018

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The Shape of Things (2010)

shape1.    Peace (Nightsong 1)
2.    FVX
3.    Atlantic
4.    Nightsong 2
5.    Missed Her On The Road
6.    Guests
7.    Nightsong 3
8.    Asylum Harbour *
9.    The Late Train **
10.   Nightsong 4
11.   A Light In The Dark Of Night
12.   Cimiez ***
13.   Saving A Life

All compositions by Josh Johnston except

* Josh Johnston & Stephen Joseph McArdle
** Roesy
*** David MacKenzie

Josh Johnston – piano

Produced by Josh Johnston

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Brian Masterson

Where his previous CD Asylum Harbour hoped to answer (or at least voice in lyrics) some of the questions of his particular human experience, Josh’s 2010 CD comes at a time when he realised that sometimes there are both not enough words and too many words to give us perpetual calm in this life – sometimes we need a moment of quiet. So here instead is a piano-solo CD recorded two days after the end of the big freeze in January 2010 in St. Peters’ Church of Ireland in Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland. The cover was designed by Keith Mullins using photographs taken by Will O’Connell.

The CD features 11 original compositions, a new composition by long-time collaborator David MacKenzie and a unique interpretation of The Late Traiin by Roesy.

Although there was a composed structure to all of the tracks, various parts of some of the tracks were improvised in the studio.

The idea of recording a completely instrumental album had been brewing for a while. Josh explains; “I’ve always put instrumentals into my live set as the piano and my piano style is such an important part of my sound and I knew people enjoy that side of my playing. A lot of people had been suggesting to me that I record a purely instrumental piano album but I always resisted as I could always hear other instruments in my arrangements and love working with other musicians but I was recording a follow-up to Asylum Harbour and when the lyrics were taking longer than I wanted for them to come, I decided to change tack and spend a day recording with Brian Masterson who I’d worked with before with David MacKenzie and on Asylum Harbour. We went to Drogheda to record some music piano solo – we had no preconceptions but to record whatever happened. The sound grew very organically from the beginning of the session which was right in the middle of winter and at the tail-end of a really cold snap. I think the atmosphere is really palpable from the tracks and that wintery feel informed my choice of cover art as well. By the end of the day we had 13 tracks and that was definitely a CD’s worth. I’m really looking forward to playing the music live.”

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Asylum Harbour (2008)

cdcover1     Precious Days Indeed (Josh Johnston & S.J. McArdle)
2     Asylum Harbour (Josh Johnston & S.J. McArdle)
3     The Map (Josh Johnston & Anna Johnston)
4     Breathing Space (Josh Johnston & Elton Mullally)
5     In The Frame (Mark Conway & Paddy Slattery)
6     Lady MacDuffís Lament (Josh Johnston)
7     Midnight (Nick Burrage)
8     Once I Was A Pretty Girl (Josh Johnston & S.J. McArdle)
9     Empty World (Josh Johnston & Diana Segara)
10     Swimming On The Moon (Josh Johnston & Anna Johnston)
11     The Forty Foot (Ronan Swift)

Produced by Josh Johnston & Eoin O’Brien
Recorded & Mixed by Eoin O’Brien

Mastered by Brian Masterson

Josh has been writing songs and instrumentals with various co-writers since 2000, and has been looking for ways to broaden the sound of the music. Since January 2008, he has been performing this newer material live with a new band formed from musicians he met and played with elsewhere. Together they are giving conviction and enthusiasm to his new style of music. In various music rooms, garages and bedrooms throughout Ireland, Josh and the band have made a new CD, Asylum Harbour, a collection of original tunes inspired by the themes of home, identity and the search for calm in this mixed-up world.

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Three Friends (2000)

Joshís first CD, originally released in 2000, was recorded during a dayís free recording which was given to him by his sister. It is currently out of print.

friends1     Three Friends (Johnston)
2     By The Time I Get To Phoenix (Jimmy Webb)
3     Shadwell (Johnston)
4     The Organist’s Farewell (Johnston)
5     I Wish That I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free (Richard Lamb & William Taylor)
6     It Ain’t Me, Babe (Bob Dylan)
7     Accentuate The Positive (Harold Arlen / Johnny Mercer)
8     Columbus (Noel Brazil)
9     Sunrise On The Mississippi (Bruce Cockburn)
10     Jazzchild’s Lullaby (Johnston)
11     Skylark (Hoagy Carmichael / Johnny Mercer)
12     The Skeams (Johnston)

Produced by Josh Johnston

Engineered & Mixed by Rodney Callan at The Works, Dublin January – April 2000

Josh Johnston – Piano & Vocals
Jane Dalton – Vocals on Tracks 2, 7 & 11
Carole Nelson – Saxophone on Tracks 6 & 8

© Shandon Records 2000



Close Your Eyes – Truly DiVine & Josh Johnston

1. Close your eyesCD600G_out
Written by Bernice Petkere
Learnt from the recording of Doris Day and André Previn (1962)
2. This girl’s in love with you (1968)
Written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David
3. Try your wings (1958)
Written by Michael Barr and Dion McGregor for Blossom Dearie
4. Down with Love (1937)
Written by Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg
From the musical “Hooray for what?”
5. Johnny (1931)
Written by Friedrich Holländer
From “The Song of Songs” (1933), performed by Marlene Dietrich
6. The heat is on (1953)
Written by Lester Lee and Ned Washington
From “Miss Sadie Thompson” (1953), performed by Jo Ann Greer (as the singing voice of Rita Hayworth), banned when the film first came out for being too raunchy.
7. Girl Talk (1965)
Written by Neal Hefti and Bobby Troup
From “Harlow”, the biopic of Jean Harlow
8. Look me over closely (1953)
Written by Terry Gilkyson for Marlene Dietrich
9. Ev’rything I’ve got (1942)
Written by Richard Rogers and Lorenz Hart
From the musical “By Jupiter”.
10. It’s magic (1947)
Written by Jule Styne and Sammy Cahn
From “Romance on the high seas” (1947), performed by Doris Day
11. Candy (1944)
Written by Alex Kramer, and Mack David and Joan Whitney
12. Frim Fram Sauce (1945)
Written by Joe Ricardel and Redd Evans
13. One for my baby (1943)
Written by Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer
From “Macao” (1953), performed by Jane Russell
14. Hooray for Love (1935)
Written by Jimmy McHugh and Dorothy Fields

Truly DiVine – singing
Josh Johnston – piano

Produced by Josh Johnston & Truly DiVine
Engineered & mixed by Michael Manning
Mastered by Ciaran Byrne

Released 8th April 2016

With a songlist collected from three and a half years of producing successful themed concerts in Dublin and across Ireland, Dutch singer Truly DiVine and Irish pianist Josh Johnston have created an album of songs about love from Broadway and the silver screen.

Hear some samples of the album here

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Notes Home – David MacKenzie & Josh Johnston (2008)

David MacKenzie – Violin
Josh Johnston – Piano


Stephen McFarlane – Electric Guitar
Andrew Csibi – Double Bass
Robbie Harris – Percussion

The second of two discs recorded with violinist David MacKenzie. A series of musical postcards through 13 original compositions which perfectly capture the atmosphere of warm sunny days and balmy nights in the Mediterranean. Whether upbeat or laid back, these jazz rhythms and melodies will transport you there, recreating the relaxed mood and colours of this region

frontcoversmall1 The Latecomer 4.20
2 Cap Mortola 3.51
3 Silk 6.33
4 Through The Night 3.33
5 Place Carnot 2.58
6 La Narbonnaise 4.51
7 Minor Happiness 4.38
8 Broadband Blues 5.05
9 La Plage 2.38
10 Waiting 5.16
11 Wistful Thinking 5.38
12 Pont Neuf 4.13
13 Sliding Scale 2.47

All tracks written by David MacKenzie & Josh Johnston

Produced by Josh Johnston & David MacKenzie

Recorded by Brian Masterson with Mark Dwyer & Maria Fitzgerald

Mixed & Mastered by Brian Masterson

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© Shandon Records 2008


A Minor Happiness – David MacKenzie & Josh Johnston

1. Empty Bottle Bluesdmjj
2. Helter Skelter
3. Here’s That Rainy Day
4. Whimsy
5. All Of Me
6. Heatwave
7. Claire
8. Avignon
9. Kalin
10. Mojave
11. Ava’s Song
12. Tout Sweet Blues
13. Kiss Of Fire
14. Honeysuckle Rose
15. Parting Thoughts

David MacKenzie – Violin
Josh Johnston – Piano

Produced by Josh Johnston & David MacKenzie
Engineered, mixed & mastered by Richard Duckworth

David and Josh teamed up for two CDs and many gigs from 2001 – 2009. This is the first of two. It contains a mixture of original compositions, jazz standards and curios that they simply played because they enjoyed playing them.

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Doug Kinch – Songs From Last Year (EP) 2018

1. September Dry
2. Songs From Last Year
3. Hannah Jordan
4. Sketching For Lydia

Carol Keogh – Singing
Josh Johnston – Piano, Electric Piano & Hammond Organ
Patrick Groenland – Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Cian Murphy – Double Bass

Produced by Josh Johnston
Engineered & Mixed by Michael Manning

If songwriting is a vocation, it’s a late one for Dubliner Doug Kinch who penned his first song in his fifties. How it happened took him completely by surprise.

“It just blew in out of nowhere,” he explains. “I came down after a broken night, my head buzzing with lines, and started writing. It wasn’t a project. I’d had no intention – or expectation – of writing songs. It just happened.”

Two years on, his EP Songs From Last Year (some irony here) has been released as a taster for a full CD due early 2019.

Opting not to perform the songs himself, he’s instead collaborated with established professional musician, composer and producer Josh Johnston. The four tracks on the EP are sung by renowned Irish singer Carol Keogh.

“I liked the idea of a female vocalist singing the songs,” Kinch says. “Two were specifically written with a woman singer in mind anyway.” The songs delve into big themes and extreme states of mind – such as obsession (‘Hannah Jordan’) and loss (‘September Dry’) and also the life of the artist (‘Sketching for Lydia’) – all invoked by original music and lyrics that give these variations on the classic torch song genre a contemporary twist.

His collaboration with Johnston has proved fruitful. The pair took Kinch’s ideas for the songs and developed them musically, refining and polishing them over time to become the songs you hear on this disc.

Keogh’s subtle, flexible vocals and sweet, sometimes melancholy tones complete the effect and combine with Johnston’s arrangements to give the EP its distinctive sound.

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(c) 2018 Shandon Records

Hege Anita Skjaervik – Hege 2017

Hege-Anita Skjaervik – singing & songwriting
Josh Johnston – co-producer, arranger, piano
Eoin O’Brien – Guitar
Brian Tavey – Guitar
Cian Murphy – Double Bass
Dave Keegan – Drums & Percussion

The Gospel Project – Backing Vocals

“Hege” introduces an exciting new singing talent whose debut breaches both musical genres and borders.

Hege-Anita Skjaervik – or just Hege, like the title of the album – was born in Hitra, an island near Trondheim in Norway. She lived in Dublin for ten years, singing with an R&B duo and a seven-piece band. It was when she teamed to perform with Dublin pianist/arranger/producer Josh Johnston that the idea for her own album developed. Working with sound engineer Michael Manning at Cauldron Studios and a team of renowned Irish session musicians, the project took form.

What first strikes the listener is the power and range of Hege’s striking voice. With a vocal range sounding out somewhere between Aretha Franklin and Amy Winehouse, she has a unique timbre that ranges from thunderously forceful to an acute breathy sweetness that winnows gently through the most sensitive of emotions. There’s also a spontaneity about it that can border on roughness, lending the album a streety edge.

From the first song, ‘And you will know him,’ this is well showcased, as is the subtle musical arrangement that characterises the album. Featuring piano, guitar, double bass, Latino percussion, horns, strings and a Gospel choir, the various tracks sparkle with a rich yet surprisingly un-crowded texture. “While primarily a soul album, it also draws on my other musical interests,” notes Hege, “such as pop, jazz and blues.”

“The horn, string and vocal arrangements use classical and film scoring techniques as well as more idiomatic soul styling,” adds Josh Johnston.  The duo came up with the final, intriguing touch that reflects a shared interest:  some fine backing vocals from The Gospel Project from Dublin.

Soul is perhaps the dominant genre that comes to mind as Hege’s lyrics explore themes of thwarted relationships, complicated friendships and lovers trying to figure out the vagaries of life. “We all have a personal history and this album is very, very personal to me,” says Hege. “I can link every lyric to someone that made an impact on my life.”

In “Why Can’t I Feel You”, laughter can be “such a sad, sad sound” and yet in the following track “Love Phone”, Hege toasts the freedom of an affair involving “a little love, a lot of sex”, her voice wildly sensual over a jazzy, upbeat tempo.

“Hege” was launched almost simultaneously in Ireland and Norway and is available from

To purchase “Hege“, click on the link where you can purchase the full album in digital or physical form as well as purchase individual tracks.

(c) 2017 Hege Anita Skjaervik

Roesy – The Spirit Store 2002
Roesy – Only Love Is Real 2004
Roesy – Colour Me Colourful 2006

Josh spent 6 enjoyable years playing music with Roesy live and on record before Roesy departed to make a new professional and family life in Australia. Music from all three discs is available digitally from Roesy’s website. Roesy still has physical copies of these discs which he sells at his gigs . . . . . if you’re still into that sort of thing.

SJ McArdle – Lancelot 2003
SJ McArdle – Year Of The Tiger 2005
Josh & Stephen McArdle have collaborated as writers and performers on many occasions. Josh performed on these two fine CDs which certainly deserve to be rediscovered. You can purchase from Stephen’s website or from cdworldireland for the physical CD.

The Lazy Band – In My Garden 2015

A collective of musicians and songwriters who convene once a month to play a free gig in Dublin. While I was a member, we recorded a CD. Where, I hear you ask. In my aunt’s living room in Galway. A great week was had by all. You can hear lots of tracks from the album and purchase the album by going to the monthly gigs – last Monday of the month in Arthur’s on Thomas Street – or hear one track and purchase the album from the Lazy Band website.

Other discs that Josh has played on . . . . .

Kíla – Monkey 2001
Hank Wedel – Taking It In 2002
Breda Mayock – Pot Of Gold 2007
Peadar King – The Shadowlands 2011
Murmurations 2014
Dara MacGabhann – Release 2017

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