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Josh Johnston is a pianist, arranger and composer/songwriter from Dun Laoghaire, just south of Dublin in Ireland. After graduating from the University of Salford with a degree in Popular Music in 1997, he messed around for a couple of years, working in radio and music retail before taking the plunge to try his hand at being a full-time musician.







He also enjoyed six years writing and performing with Birr singer / songwriter Roesy (, appearing in countless shows and on three CDs. As well as this, he has played live and recorded to one degree or another with musicians from across the musical spectrum such as Truly Divine (their duo CD Close Your Eyes was released in April 2016), Kila, SJ McArdle, Breda Mayock, Keith Mullins, Peadar King, Maggie Breheny, Stewart Agnew, Hank Wiedel, and Ronan Swift, among others.  He is also the resident pianist at the Cáca Milis Cabaret, an irregular cabaret evening in Wexford and Dublin where the best of all the arts – but in particular music, comedy, dance, film, and spoken word – are exhibited.

Josh has directed and sung in many chamber choirs (he currently sings with the Laetare Vocal Ensemble). He also accompanies choirs, singers and soloists; for exams,

rehearsals and recitals and is the organist at the Unitarian Church in Dublin. Classically trained and with a keen interest in all forms of popular music, he is a versatile and valuable session musician, equally at home in jazz, folk and rock.






Many of Josh’s gigs are not his own promotions, nor is he the primary artist. In the name of new discoveries, all the details of all the gigs are up on the Live page as well as links to some of them to buy tickets.

Josh’s latest CD, The Art Of Saving Lives, is a collection of original songs written or co-written and entirely arranged by Josh. All of Josh’s own CDs (and David & Josh, & Truly & Josh as well) are up on the Discography page – working on gradually including CDs that he has played on over the years.

Photos on this page by Dave Keegan (top) and Beta Bajgart (bottom).